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World Cup2010

Time has come to talk about World Cup 2010, as this is probably the biggest global sports event in 2010 as far as sports betting is concerned. Yes there was the Olympic Games, but there is much more betting related to the World Cup, as fans are very passionate about their national teams. So here are a few facts about the World Cup in case you are not too familiar with it.

It is played every 4 years since 1930. Soccer is the favorite sport in many European and South American countries, but not in the USA obviously. It seems strong soccer nations remain strong for a long time. Brazil is considered the best country for soccer and they won the cup five times and finished second another two times. Next is Italy (4 victories; 1 second place), Germany (3;4) and Argentina(2;2). All four countries are huge on soccer with millions of fans.

This year the Cup will take place in South Africa in June, a country more famous for the strength of its rugby team than for any ability in soccer. They are in Group A and will face France, Mexico and Uruguay. As only two teams will go to the next round (probably France and Uruguay), let us say that the host will have to impress by something other than their soccer prowess.

Of course people are making their forecasts and their bets. Among notorious forecasters, Michael Platini is the most famous French soccer player, now president of UEFA. He does not have high hopes for the France team this year, and in particular he is far from impressed by their coach Raymond Domenech. He likes the chances of Brazil (obviously), plus Spain and England. Two strong soccer countries despite a lack of good results at the World Cup.

Germans are more optimistic about their own team than the French. According to a book by a German physicist, entitled “That is how we will champion”, University of Dortmund Professor of Physics Metin Tolan has created a mathematical model that takes into account the results in World Cup Germany, sacred three-time world champion (1954, 1974 and 1990) . “We know that the average ranking of Germany in all World Cups is 3.7 and the German team won the title every four or five World Cups,” he said. “As the latest title in Germany goes back to 1990, already four editions of the World Cup, nobody can beat us this year and you can already put the champagne on expenses,” insists Metin Tolan. The scientist had already planned the coronation of Germany at the 2006 World Cup and admits to a small error.

June will be very hot indeed for soccer lovers and we cannot wait to see these epic battles on the grass fields.