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Spain wins World Cup 2010

What a match!

I think this was the worse final at the World Cup in my life.

Another way to put it is to say that it was more interesting to watch the faces of the public and players than to watch soccer action, as there was very minimal soccer action to be talked of.

The faces of the players when they missed, looking upward to God and blaspheming at their lack of luck. The faces of the public looking so bored, with a face like “it looks like it is going to rain”. The face of the referee who was constantly telling the players to shut up. And maybe the faces of the coaches: the Spanish coach, quite cool with his chewing gum and his moustache; the Dutch coach all excited with so many different faces: he was the spotlight of this match with his gesticulations.

Also the referee was really at the center of the action and I do not remember having seen so many yellow cards at such a high level match in recent history. It was a not stop succession of foul plays, as this is was the replay on television was showing, not marvelous dribbling or hitting of the ball, as expected.

It took a very long time for some beautiful soccer action to occur, only 2 minutes before the end of the extended time. So at least we did not have to go through a penalty kick contest. A nice goal by Spain with some good passes in front of the Dutch goal finally settled the winner.

Even though Spain wins (for the first time), this is nothing like a formidable victory. They only scored eight goals in seven matches, which is sadly a new record in World Cup history. And it is nearly impossible to score less as a matter of fact to win. I guess in theory a team could win with only five goals, what a shame it would be.

This sad final is the result of having two weak teams as finalists, with not much scoring power. Brazil lost early as well as the other South American teams, these know better how to put some sparkle in their soccer. And

Zidane, we missed you man.