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Hello world, here I am

Sports-betting-systems-tips is born today May 1st, 2009.

The name of this blog makes it easy to know what it is all about: sports betting, i.e. making bets on sports. Systems, so what I will be talking about is any systematic way to make such bets.

This blog is not about gambling. I have not interest in discussing purely random events. If I have no control over the outcome of my actions, there is no fun. By analyzing systems and systems applied to sports betting, we are looking for patterns in the data, for pockets of structure. For some organisation in how things work.

In the United States, the sports used for betting are basketball, baseball and football primarily. Golf, soccer, tennis, etc are also interesting playgrounds for sports betting activities. Horse racing is also a very exciting entertainment and there exist systems for that too.

As I have a Ph.D. in Statistics from a Ivy League School, I feel well qualified to study some of the systems available in the market and determine if they have merit or not.

One system which I will review more in details in another post is sports betting champ. Developed by another Ivy League (Cornell U.) Statistics Ph.D. named John Morrison, this system has produced extraordinary results so far.